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Jewellery Designer and Maker

 jewelley designer and make

With nearly thirty years experience in designing and making in metal, I have produced a vast array of jewellery and objects. From cutlery and vessels, through to rings, bangles, earrings, and brooches, I have applied a consistent aesthetic to my work while ever mindful of the audience for which the piece is intended. I bring this experience to all that I do here in the workshop.

I strive to achieve thoughtful work. I make jewellery that responds honestly to the qualities of the metals and gemstones used. I aim for simplicity and timelessness of design. A hand-made jewellery piece is an investment in the future, and should be enjoyed over many years.

The design and making of engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, anniversary gifts, or the re-modelling of treasured heirlooms – these are just some of the services I offer. I work in a variety of metals; platinum, gold, and silver, and incorporate a variety of precious and semi-precious stones.

Having a bespoke piece made is not necessarily more expensive, but you are guaranteed to get the piece of jewellery you want with your budget always being a consideration.

Many of the images on these pages are of one-off works that were completed for specific clients, or specific settings. I can work together with you to develop a design that is personalised by your involvement in the design process.

jewellery designer and maker

Please feel free to contact me to make a time to discuss your jewellery needs.

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